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Applying for Subscription
Fineartfacts offers a range of three different services. These are referred to as Levels of Service. They are:
  1. Basic
  2. Enhanced
  3. Comprehensive
The Basic service provides a basic level of capability. Here users have the capability to do basic recording of works of art. This includes cataloging photographs, documents, exhibitions, provenances, artists, owners and other people associate with the work. This service is designed for the indivudual artist or collector for tasks such as control and management of a private collection.

The Enhanced service provides a good level of capability for a small organization such as an artist's studio. Accounts can be configured with multiple user logins, each with an email, diary and calendar facilities. The disk quota is expanded, and the video cataloging facility is enabled.

The Comprehensive service is the most - yes you guessed it - comprehensive that fineartfacts has to offer. This service is designed for galleries using fineartfacts as their primary business management tool. A much larger disk quota is provided, together with multiple email accounts. The functionality for the management of loans, restorations, provenance and location auditing is enabled.

If you want to subscribe to FineArtFacts, then please send an e-mail containing a description of your collection, your reasons for wanting to subscribe and your address and telephone number to adminFAF@fineartfacts.com. We will then review your request and provide you with a quotation. If you decide to proceed then you will be issued with a username and password once we receive your payment.

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