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Collection Management System for Artists, Archivists, Collectors and Galleries

This new tool offers an online “Collection Management System” for art collectors, artists, galleries, archivists and museums. You can start with a simple list of items and gradually expand to add all the data pertinent to a collection. This can include images, videos, documents, provenances, email correspondence, exhibitions, loans and restoration history as well as tracking of limited editions.

Everything is stored within the FineArtFacts relational database on a dedicated web server. All access is via a web browser over the internet. No special computer resources are needed.

To use FineArtFacts, you become a “Subscriber”. An account is created for you and your collaborators and you have exclusive access to your private area of the system.

Subscribers log in at www.fineartfacts.com. All data entry, retrieval, browsing, searching and media uploading are performed from a standard web browser interface.

A public gallery is set up for each Subscriber where the public can be given access to parts of your collection. Information or media that you designate as “Public” then becomes available in this public gallery. Since all the information is recorded in a database, and since all the web-pages are generated dynamically, any changes you make take effect immediately on the public site.

To read more about FineArtFacts go here.

Subscribers can designate portions of their data for 'open' access. These 'open' access portions are made available for the general public to view on our public-facing-site.

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