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This web site offers an online "Collection Management System" for art collectors, artists, academics and small galleries and museums. All the data pertinent to your collection, including multimedia resources, can be stored within the fineartfacts relational database. All access is via a web browser over the internet, so we take on the responsibility for backing up your data and managing the database from our server site in the UK.

If you want to make use of the service, then you must become a "Subscriber" by paying a small annual subscription fee. Subscriptions start from £350 per year for the basic level of service, and rise to £900 per year for the comprehensive level of service. The comprehensive service includes syndication of content to other domains and multiple users. Subscribers are issued with account login details that give you access to a new and private area of the fineartfacts database and online tools via our SSL encrypted site. You will then be billed annually.

Your area of the database will be pretty much empty when you log on for the first time. A few items of information will have been set up for you by the fineartfacts database administrator, but you will be presented with an essentially clean sheet with which to start. Most people will already have catalogue information in digital format. If you are in this situation and you want to migrate your existing digital information to fineartfacts, then we will be happy work with you to upload your data en-mass to the fineartfacts web site.

If you are starting from scratch, then typically you will start by entering data about some of the main protagonists associated with you art collection - the artists, the copyright holders and the owners. Once you have this information entered, then you can start inputting data about the works of art in your collection via web-based forms. As you select the artists, the copyright holders, the owners etc of each work, the fineartfacts database will begin to build the indices and relationships allowing you to search for say, all works produced by artist X in year Y at location Z. As well as this basic information, fineartfacts offers you the opportunity to catalogue photographic or video records of the work, where it was exhibited, the documentation associated with a work, what literature it has been quoted in, its provenance etc. Not only is the data about the photographs, letters, documents etc recorded by you on the database, but you have the facility to upload the images of scanned documents, photographs, video, sound files etc via the basic browser interface.

Imagine that you have been a subscriber for a while and a fair part of your collection is now stored on FineArtFacts. You may be interested to give the public access to a certain part of your collection. This can be done by designating the access code for each work of art. Records designated as "Public" become available on the public-facing side of the FineArtFacts website and are available to the general public. Since all the information is recorded in a database, and since all the web-pages are generated dynamically, any changes you make take effect immediately on the public site.

If you are interested in a more tailor-made solution, then we can provide a complete "white-site" solution for you.

Please e-mail us at: admin@fineartfacts.com

Go here to begin using the public site, or here to go to the subscriber entrance.

Features and cost
Level of service Single User Multiple users (up to 5) Core catalogue (works of art, people, photos etc.) Email, distribution lists, calendar, documents Large media quota, video Loans, provenance, location audits, condition reports, orders, stock etc. Publishing to other web sites, batch processing
Basic £350 No Yes No No No No
Enhanced £500 £700 Yes Yes Yes No No
Comprehensive £800 £900 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Training (/hr) £50 £70 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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