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Ode to Joy - Photographs by AF, curated by PWJ
An exhibition of photographs by Arthur Fleischmann proposed to be held in Bratislava to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the artist's birth.

Arthur Fleischmann wished to see his photographic work in Bali given a public platform. This ambition has been largely realised with the publication posthumously in 2007 of the book 'Bali in the 1930s' and several exhibitions over the years, three of which accompanied the book launch.

From the mid 1930s till his death in 1990, AF maintained a prolific output as a sculptor in many different media. This activity was continuous, however it seems that his photographic inspiration came in more sporadic phases. Whilst the Balinese project has had its exposure, his second burst of photographic activity which corresponds with the meeting with his future wife, Joy, and the birth of his son Dominique in the late 1950s - early 1960s, has so far been thought to be too intimate for for public consumption. 

Yet these black and white photographs also include brilliant compositions and understanding of the potential of the photographic medium. They depict Joy and Dominique in far-flung locations which remind one of stills from the films of Orson Welles or Carol Reid - unexpected angles, juxtapositions and sparkling light effects.

Like the Balinese photographs, these also are preserved for us in the form of Fleischmann's own prints mounted on heavy card.

To place this series of images in perspective, several examples of Fleischmann's earlier photographs of Bali are also included.

All the photographs were taken using a Dolina 35mm camera using 100 ASA Eastman Kodak Panatomic negative film and printed on matt paper in 10 by 8 format and mounted on stiff card. Much of the technical work was done in conjunction with James Ogler and John Furley-Lewis.
Date: 2016
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Name: Ode to Joy Exhibition Introduction
Dated: 2016
Type: Article
2 Videos
Title: Perspex Sculpture
Dated: 1963
Description: One of a series of 10 films made by British Pathe about Arthur Fleischmann. St. Johns Wood, London. Dr. Arthur Fleischmann is a medical man and a famous sculpture who has perfected sculpting with perspex. C/Us of parts Fleischmann's sculptures. M/S of a royal crest made from perspex in the foyer of the Government information offices. Fleischmann picks up a chisel and works on a sculpture. Various shots of Fleischmann in goggles chipping away at a sculpture. Inside Fleischmann's home - he takes a seat behind a large perspex screen. Fleischmann's wife serves him tea on a perspex coffee table. M/S of Fleischmann drinking, pan to two perspex sculptures next to him. M/S of a toddler, Fleischmann junior, in a play pen. The pen is decorated with perspex and the baby 's toys are all made from off cuts from his Dad's sculptures. Various shots of Mrs. F dusting a perspex screen with a religious theme. Exterior. M/S of a Romanesque perspex sculpture in the garden. Interior. Mrs. F. laying a perspex table illustrated with the Northern sky constellation. Various C/Us of perspex sculptures and statuettes.
Title: Perspex Sculpture
Dated: 1951
Description: One of 10 films made by British Pathe about Arthur Fleischmann