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Názov:Country Life - Joanna Barnes Gallery Article
Autor: Withheld (Štandardný vstup)

Withheld (Archívny záznam)

Popis:Profile of Joanna Barnes Fine Art and the "Bali Through a Sculptor's Eyes" exhibition, published in the 3rd November 1994 London Number of Country Life.
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Súvisiaci materiál
2 Umelecké diela
Názov: Large Legong Dancer With Fan
Umelec: Dr Arthur Fleischmann
Majitel: Withheld
Materiál: Polyester Resin,
Zakončenie: Unassigned
Dátum: 1965
Názov: Mother and Son
Umelec: Dr Arthur Fleischmann
Majitel: Mr Dominique Fleischmann
Materiál: Wood,
Zakončenie: Unassigned
Dátum: 1950
Popis: Stylised sculpture of mother with child. Carved in wood in London. ...
1 Výstavy a Projekty
Názov: Joanna Barnes - Bali Through a Sculptor's Eyes
Rok: 1994
Popis: This exhibition ran from 5th Oct 1994 to 5th Nov 1994 at:

Joanna Barnes Fine Arts,
14 Mason's Yard,
Duke Street,
St James's,
London SW1Y 6BU