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Názov:Confirming that they will purchase the Miranda fountain for £4000
Autor: N. E. Riddihough (Štandardný vstup)

N. E. Riddihough (Archívny záznam)

Popis:Confirming that they will purchase the Miranda fountain for £4000 to be paid in installments, and inviting AF to lunch. Includes full purchase agreement enclosed as an attachment.
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Súvisiaci materiál
1 Umelecké diela
Názov: Miranda
Umelec: Dr Arthur Fleischmann
Majitel: Withheld
Materiál: Bronze,
Zakončenie: Unassigned
Dátum: 1951
Popis: This large bronze sculpture was produced originally for the Festival of Britain and sponsored by the Lockheed Hydraulic Brake Company.

It was cast by Galizia Foundry - Battersea, London. The model was Joyce Odiase. The National Portrait Gallery have acquired two photos of Fleischmann working on...

1 Výstavy a Projekty
Názov: Festival of Britain
Rok: 1951
Popis: Arthur Fleischmann created a fountain for the Festival of Britain. The sculpture, commissioned by the Lockheed Hydraulic Brake Company, was displayed in London's Festival Gardens.