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Pierre Haneuse Documentary Film

A feature-length documentary about the life and work of Arthur Fleischmann by Pierre Haneuse. The film tells the story through the words of friends, family and colleagues.

The working title is "The Roving Sculptor".

Date: 2006
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1 Documents
Title: Pierre Haneuse lareolewood youtube account
Dated: 2008
Type: Web Page
2 Videos
Title: Philipa Taster
By: Mr Dominique Fleischmann
Dated: 2006
Description: Film material by Pierre Haneuse.

Edited by Sally Titterington and Dominique Fleischmann.

Music entitled "Passion" by Orkestral. Downloaded at:

Title: Bali: The Last Paradise Taster
Dated: 2007
Description: A high-definition video documentary produced by Gulliver Media Australia pty.