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Bali in the 1930s - Photographs and Sculptures by Arthur Fleischmann
This luxury book is published by Pictures Publishers in The Netherlands who are a specialist publishers for art books relating to Indonesia.

The text is written by Paul de Bont and is based on the original manuscript written by Arthur Fleischmann during his stay in Sydney between 1939 and 1948.

The book itself is hard bound, in a thread sewn real cloth case, printed on 170 gram silk art paper and measures 35cm by 29cm. It contains approximately 200 photos taken by Fleischmann in Bali displayed on 240 pages.

The ISBN Number is 978-90-73187-57-3.

Rich Fine Art in Mayfair is hosting an exhibition until 22nd December 2007 of approximately 70 of the original photographic prints made by Fleischmann in Bali, and 30 sculptures created during his stay on the Island. Many of the terracotta sculptures were fired in local straw kilns in Bali, and the photgraphs were developed and printed by Fleischmann in Bali using sunlight and an enlarger consisting of a pinhole positioned in a blacked out window of his studio.

"The year is 1937. The forty-two year old Hungarian sculptor Arthur Fleischmann stepped ashore onto Balinese soil from a small boat that brought him across the Straits of Bali from Java. A new and exotic chapter in his life was about to open up in front of him. Armed with little more than a 35mm Dolina camera and the sensitive eye of an artist, he recorded in over 1800 photographs the life, customs and beauty of the Balinese people.

"Had it not been for the threat of the War in the Pacific, he would have remained there the rest of his life amongst the beauty, poise and calm of this exquisite paradise ? sculpting and photographing the graceful young temple dancers that became his muses. Instead he escaped to Australia where he compiled a manuscript to accompany the Balinese photographs. In this book parts of that original manuscript are presented together with the best photographs from his collection."

The book can be purchased online from the publisher at 

The retailer in the UK is:

Thomas Heneage Art Books,
42 Duke Street,
St James's,
Great Britain.
Tel: 0207 930 9223
Contact: Ian Thompson

Date: 2007
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Name: Bali in the 1930s Dust Cover
Date: 2007
Description: This is a sample of the dust cover of the book "Bali in the 1930s". The text on the actual cover is gold embossed.
Type: Book
Name: Invitation to Bali Launch of Bali in the 1930s - Final Version
Date: 2007
Description: This is the final version of the invitation to the launch of 'Bali in the 1930s' in Ubud, 12th May 2007.
Type: Invitation
Name: Look Magazine - April 2007
Date: 2007
Description: Article about the Focus Room exhibition 'Paradise Then' held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Type: Article
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Title: Bali Launch of the book "Bali in the 1930s"
Dated: 2007
Description: A short video covering the launch event for the book "Bali in the 1930s", held at the Royal Convention House, Sunday May 13th 2007, Ubud, Bali, and hosted by the Royal Pitah Maha.