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Australian Artists in Bali exhibition at McClelland Gallery
The exhibition 'Australian Artists in Bali' opens today at the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park in Langwarrin, Victoria. The exhibition runs until 29th November 2015 and features the sculpture Legong Dancer by Arthur Fleischmann.
20th Century Society visit to the Arthur Fleischmann Museum
Members of the 20th Century Society will visit the Arthur Fleischmann Museum during their trip to Bratislava.
St John's Wood Church concert
The bust of Kathleen Ferrier by Arthur Fleischmann will be displayed at the concert "Music in the Wood" -
a concert of music by musicians who lived in St John’s Wood in the past 200 years. See link for details.

Joy and Life film being shown at Tate Britain
The film 'Joy and Life' by Andy Warrington is being shown on a video loop at the exhibition 'Reception, Rupture and Return: The Model and the Life Room' being held in the archive gallery at Tate Britain. The exhibition is due to run until April 2015. 

 The film was made in the studio of Arthur Fleischmann.

Interview on the 3rd Dimension web site
An interview with Joy Fleischmann is now published on the new '3rd Dimension' web site of PMSA.
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