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Title:Art on the Liners Exhibition Catalogue
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Description:Foreword by Gill Hedley, Keeper of Art, Southampton Art Gallery.
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1 Works of art
Title: The Birth of Aphrodite
Artist: Dr Arthur Fleischmann
Owner: Mr Dominique Fleischmann
Material(s): Perspex,
Medium: Unassigned
Date: 1955

Slightly smaller than lifesize sculpture depicting the goddess Aphrodite being born from a scallop shell. The sculpture is carved from a solid laminated block of Perspex that was produced especially for the artist by ICI.

The sculpture was originally commissioned by the Pacific Steam Nav...

1 Exhibitions and Projects
Title: Art on the Liners - A Celebration of Elegance at Sea
Year: 1986
Description: Held at Southampton City Art Gallery, Civic Centre, Southampton.