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Title:The World Expo 88 Collection Catalogue
Author: Withheld (Standard entry)

Withheld (Archive entry)

Description:Catalogue produced to accompany the exhibition in Brisbane in 1988. Bacon, Phillip; World Expo 88 (1988). Sculpture : the World Expo 88 collection. Brisbane, Australia: Philip Bacon Galleries, 5. ISBN 0731627636
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1 Works of art
Title: Homage to the Discovery of D.N.A.
Artist: Dr Arthur Fleischmann
Owner: Withheld
Location: Museum of Science and Technology
Material(s): Perspex,
Medium: Unassigned
Date: 1977
Description: This large Perspex water sculpture was originally created by the artist for his personal collection.

In 1980 it was borrowed for use as the focal point of one of the sets of George Lucas' film "The Empire Strikes Back". 

1 Exhibitions and Projects
Title: Expo 88 Collection - Brisbane
Year: 1988

Expo '88, officially known as 'World Expo 88' was a World's Fair held in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia during a six month period between 30 April 1988 and 30 October 1988. The theme of the Expo was "Leisure in the Age of Technology", and the mascot for the Expo was an Australian platypus, named "Expo Oz".

Here is a link to the World Expo 88 wikipedia page.