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Emanuele Gori was born in Viareggio, in the Italian region of Tuscany in 1956. At the age of fourteen, he was accepted for study at the Liceo Artistico in Carrara, where he studied until 1974, exhibiting during those years in Carrara and Viareggio. At the Viareggio International Competition in 1972 he was, at the age of 16, among the prizewinners selected from over 200 established international artists, his paintings being shown at one of the city’s galleries to great acclaim.

He moved to London in 1976, attracted by the ‘gothic horror’ of 1970’s Britain: ‘I had been living in Florence where there is beauty and light everywhere, but for some Italians the gloom and doom of northern Europe is exciting, strange and exotic.’

He has exhibited paintings, sculptures, ceramics and etchings in regular one-man shows every four years in London galleries and his work is held in private collections in Italy, Great Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and Australia.

His last exhibition was held at La Galleria, The Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall in London. Entitled Geometrical Figures the exhibition was inspired by the triangle, the circle and the square. Emanuele says: ‘I have combined my passion for the human figure with these three geometrical forms which are universal symbols of different aspects of nature and man’s body and soul. Geometry is the way in which we measure the world and the space that surrounds us. My multi-limbed figures lend themselves to make geometrical compositions, and the empty spaces they create around them within the frame are as important as the figures themselves, in the same way as the space around us is so vital to our own well being.’ The exhibition consisted of work executed in the previous five years. The 2.4m high bas-relief in bronze was created in his studio in Pietrasanta, Italy and was cast by the Fonderia Da Prato in the same city. The rakù ceramics were created and fired at the workshop of Massimo Gentili at Francesconi Ceramics also at Pietrasanta. The paintings and etchings were created in his London studio in Camberwell Green.

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