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Title:Arthur Fleischmann - Crown for a Queen
Author:Mr Marian Pauer (Standard entry)

Mr Marian Pauer (Archive entry)

Description:This book was produced for the Arthur Fleischmann celebrations in Bratislava in November 2002. The book was written by Marian Pauer and sponsored by Henkel Slovakia.
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1 Works of art
Title: Miranda
Artist: Dr Arthur Fleischmann
Owner: Mr Dominique Fleischmann
Material(s): Plaster,
Medium: Unassigned
Date: 1951

Plaster cast of the large mermaid. The bronze version was installed at the Lockheed Brake Factory in Leamington Spa, but was stolen in 2002.

The model for this sculpture was Joyce Odiase (ne Taylor). She was a student of the Royal Academy of Music at the time of the sittings.

Two p...

1 Exhibitions and Projects
Title: Arthur Fleischmann Water Sculptures - Bratislava
Year: 2002

This exhibition was held at the Mirbach Palace, Bratislava, in November 2002 and complemented the opening of the Arthur Fleischmann Museum.

The exhibition was curated by Marian Pauer.