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Title:Lost Wax Casting Process Graphic
Author:Mr Dominique Fleischmann (Standard entry)

Mr Dominique Fleischmann (Archive entry)

Description:Lost Wax Casting Process Graphic
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2 Works of art
Title: Sia Maiwa
Artist: Dr Arthur Fleischmann
Owner: Mrs Cecile Joy Fleischmann
Material(s): Bronze,
Medium: Unassigned
Date: 1939
Description: This bronze was cast in 1950 by the Galizia foundry in Battersea, London. The terracotta model for this bronze was fired in Bali in a large straw oven. This was one of Fleischmann's favourite sculptures and he considered this particular cast to be exceptionally good. ...
Title: President Kennedy
Artist: Dr Arthur Fleischmann
Material(s): Bronze,
Medium: Unassigned
Date: 2007
Description: This portrait bust of President Kennedy cast in bronze, patinated with a Florentine patina and mounted on a block of black granite was bought at the "Say Yes to Life" charity auction held at the Wallace Collection in January 2007. ...
1 Exhibitions and Projects
Title: Fleischmann and the Fishermen - Bristol
Year: 2005
Description: Held throughout 2006 at the Grant Bradley Charitable Trust,

St Peters Court,
Bedminster Parade,

Opening times: 10am - 4pm Tuesday - Saturday