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Miss Silvia Janska

1988 -

Living half of my life (9 years) in Slovakia and the other half in Japan, I had a chance to study in different schools and presently I enjoy studying at the Royal Veterinary College in London. From my many hobbies, animals, sports, music and art are by far my favorites. In reference to my experience in art, my previous schools have provided me with the opportunity to take art classes and I have experienced various styles of art, from painting and designing to pottery and computer graphics.

During the five years, my artwork has been repetitively selected to beexhibited at the 'Atrscape' - an annual international student art exhibition in Tokyo, Japan with over 14 schools participating. In middle school, my displayed work consisted of paintings, pottery and computer graphics while in my high school years I concentrated on pottery. After coming to London, I joined Joy's Life Classes, which introduced me to yet a different style of art and enable me to develop more art skills.

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