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Dame Edna exhibition - Renishaw Hall
An extraordinary exhibition of artifacts and memorabilia relating to the character "Dame Edna" opens at Renishaw Hall near Chesterfield. The exhibition features five sculptures created by Arthur Fleischmann during sittings with Barry Humphries.
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An Evening of Poetry for Turning Times
The Arthur Fleischmann studio hosted an evening of poetry. The event was organised by Harry Eyres and with the support of the Arthur Fleischmann Foundation. Many guests visited the studio for the first time, and it was an ideal opportunity to expose the life and work of Arthur Fleischmann to a wider audience.
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Data for 1200 objects has been entered in the database
Today a significant milestone has been reached in the development of the Arthur Fleischmann digital archive. Today data for the 1200th record in the fineartfacts database was input.
Birth of Aphrodite display opens at Merseyside Maritime Museum
As part of the City of Liverpool's activities as European City of Culture 2008, the carved Perspex sculpture The Birth of Aphrodite (1955) by Arthur Fleischmann will go on display at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. The sculpture was originally commissioned by the Pacific Steam Navigation Company to decorate the embarkation hall of the liner Reina del Mar (1965) built in Liverpool. The sculpture will be exhibited alongside models of ships built in many of the ship yards of Liverpool during that period - the hey-day of ocean liners.
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Showing Entries 21 to 24 of 24 1  2  3  4  5